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The article presents a study of the work of the French artist H. Rousseau "To fete baby (Child with puppet)" 1903. The disposition of the work in the artist's work is carried out, in which a number of reflective works stand out over the concept of author’s own creativity and worldview - this is the painting "Myself, portrait-landscape" and children's symbolic portraits - "Girl with a Doll", "Boy on the Rocks" and " To fete baby (Child with puppet)". The artistic idea of the work is revealed - a representation of a serious attitude to childhood, which continues to control a person in adulthood; the concept of the image of an ideal artist who perceives the world around him in a childishly simple and natural way and is inspired by nature. The significance of the work " To fete baby (Child with puppet)" for French culture at the turn of the 19th-20th centuries is considered - in particular, the consonance of the ideas of H. Rousseau with the psychological concept of Z. Freud.

Henri Rousseau, "To fete baby (Child with puppet)", French painting of the turn of the 19th-20th centuries, primitivism, naive art

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